IIFL Asset Management is now 360 ONE Asset. We're updating our website and it's new version will be live soon.


Driving every investment action at 360 ONE Asset are the fundamental ‘V-A-L-U-E’ principles that form the core of our philosophy:

Value creation by capital preservation blended with opportunistic growth V

As a priority, we focus on preservation of capital. We blend it with value creation through opportunities with extraordinary intrinsic value, reasonable valuations and disproportionate risk-reward characteristics.

Active management with a long-term focus A

An active management approach and long-term view are the key to our performance. In keeping with this view, we manage assets in line with an optimum risk and return spectrum.

Local expertise and rigorous research L

We leverage our in-depth local expertise and research-led ability to navigate volatile markets. We adopt a consistent investment management process and robust risk control mechanisms.

Unafraid to be unconventional U

We are unconventional and contrarian. We are not afraid to swim against the tide as long as we see value.

Ethical and responsible investment E

For us at 360 ONE Asset, Trust and Ethics are of utmost importance. We integrate environmental, social and governance factors into our investment management process.