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Fri, 1 Nov 2019 | PMS Bazaar News
PMS Bazaar

AIF Leaders : Where we have been & Where we are Headed


Prashasta Seth, Senior Managing Partner, IIFL AMC was part of a panel discussion on AIF Leaders : Where we have been & Where we are Headed

The biggest challenge while managing the AIF during the past 3 years was how you separate yourself from the Euphoria & Despair of the Markets.

Investing in Pre-IPO, has only a single concern, that is, the IPO getting delayed. Due to non-conducive market timings many start-ups post-pone their IPO; Some due to delays in compliance/processing issues postpone their IPO. However, IIFL funds have exited 1/3rd of the pre-IPOs. Another about 35% is in unlisted entities mostly in financial services and consumer industries, which have investor appetite for liquidity. When the overall market conditions are conducive the exit is in lesser time and when not-conducive more time is needed to exit. Only time is the risk, but expected to be reasonable

About PMS Bazaar’s PMS & AIF Summit 2.0

PMS & AIF Summit 2.0 imbibes apt and current PMS & AIF knowledge. The event aims to bring insights on PMS & AIF industry. Veterans from the industry presented and discussed in panels. The event provides fantastic opportunity to Investors, Investment Advisors, Family Offices, Fund/Portfolio Managers, Research Analysts and Wealth Advisors and the media to interact and get insights on PMS & AIF from industry veterans.