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Fri, 1 Nov 2019 | PMS Bazaar News
PMS Bazaar

Emerging Portfolio Managers


Mayur Patel, Principal fund Manager - Listed equity, IIFL AMC was part of a panel discussion on Emerging Portfolio Managers.

Process based stock selection, through SCDV (Secular-Cyclical-Defensive-Value-trap) model is followed to build the Portfolio. Secular - implies quality stocks compounding on earnings and other fundamentals. Cyclical - implies quality stocks from cyclical sectors with low-leverage are selected. Defensive - are stocks resilient to bad market conditions. Value-traps - are avoided through rigorous downside risk analysis.

IIFL Multi cap advantage PMS uses 5 to 8 % of the portfolio value to buy long-dated Nifty put options, while the core portfolio is built on the common investment philosophy. Since the portfolio contains non-index stocks, this is not a full hedge and can be called semi-hedge; this hedge can protect the portfolio from over-all severe market crashes, with the willingness to forego small portion profits during good times.

About PMS Bazaar’s PMS & AIF Summit 2.0

PMS & AIF Summit 2.0 imbibes apt and current PMS & AIF knowledge. The event aims to bring insights on PMS & AIF industry. Veterans from the industry presented and discussed in panels. The event provides fantastic opportunity to Investors, Investment Advisors, Family Offices, Fund/Portfolio Managers, Research Analysts and Wealth Advisors and the media to interact and get insights on PMS & AIF from industry veterans.