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Thu, 11 Nov 2021 | Economic Times
IIFL Asset Management launches IIFL Quant Fund

IIFL Asset Management launches IIFL Quant Fund

IIFL Asset Management has announced the launch of IIFL Quant Fund. This fund is an actively-reviewed, quantitative rule-based fund. The New Fund Offer (NFO) opened on 8 November and closes on 22 November. The fund will be managed by Parijat Garg and it will be benchmarked against S&P BSE 200 TRI.

According to the press release, the fund aims to invest in stocks that show growth or defensive characteristics. The IIFL Quant Fund will have periodic rebalancing and review. The investment objective of the fund is to generate long term capital appreciation for investors from a portfolio of equity and equity-related securities based on Quant theme. Quality stocks will be screened, based on quantitative portfolio construction methods and techniques.

The fund house also says that as this fund is based on quantitative rules, it is mainly driven by investment process over discretion, thereby avoiding market cap and behavioural biases. Further, the methodology and portfolio construction of the fund are back-tested across time periods and validated.

“The Passive+ approach that the fund follows is based on multiple quantitative factors that have been back-tested and historically proven to improve stock selection capabilities. The model has a fundamental basis with parameters clearly laid out and relies on a defined process while applying the same across a set of comparable stocks,” says Manoj Shenoy, CEO, IIFL AMC.

“Based on a quantitative model, the strategies of the IIFL Quant Fund are fully systematic and rule-based and would have additional filters for selecting quality momentum stocks. The fund universe will include the Top 200 stocks by market cap and liquidity,” says Parijat Garg, Fund Manager, IIFL AMC.