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Mon, 1 Mar 2021 | Next Big Brand
Ustraa Parent Company Raises Rs 20 Crore from its Existing Investor IIFL

Ustraa Parent Company Raises Rs 20 Crore from its Existing Investor IIFL

Ustraa, a brand under Happily Unmarried firm, raises Rs. 20 crore funding in its H round. Ustraa is known for its men grooming products.

Current Funding and Stakeholders detail

As per the Entracker report, Ustraa will provide 5490 series H shares of Rs 36428 each to IIFL Seed Ventures in return for Rs 20 crore investment. With current development, Ustraa is becoming one the fastest growing brand in recent time.

In mid of 2020, Happily Unmarried raised Rs 50 crore from the same investor. Info Edge and Wipro are the other known investors of the company. With 2020 funding, Happily Unmarried valued itself at Rs 220 crore, whereas the fintracker experts valued the company at Rs 180 crore.

With the current investment, IIFL emerged as the second-largest stakeholder with around 29% stake, whereas Info Edge occupies the first position with approximately 30% stake. Cofounders of Happily Unmarried have a total of 21.42% stake.

While Wipro and other investors have a total of 15.87% and 2.24% stake respectively. Company employees have control over a 1.16% stake.

When contacted, Happily Unmarried did answer the queries related to the current funding and total market cap.