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Thu, 27 Jan 2022 | CNBCTV18
Chetan Naik speaks about newly listed tech firms

Chetan Naik speaks about newly listed tech firms

Chetan Naik, Fund Manager – Tech Funds, IIFL AMC in an interaction with CNBCTV18 speaks about how IIFL Asset Management pioneered late stage tech as a theme to invest, its focus on business sustainability and strong unit economics.

Naik said, “We believe in platforms because they tend to get dominant and over a period of time we have seen that they create disproportionate returns and we have seen this panning out in the US market also over the last two decades.”

“Definitely, the space and the listed segment is going to be volatile but if you stick with quality assets where the overall business model is strong, companies have a part to profitability, companies are not relying on multiple rounds of financing, you would find good assets in this space,” he said.

Watch the interaction here.