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Social Responsibility

Thematic Areas


We believe that the future of our country and the world, are the children. With an aim to invest in their upbringing, we have taken up initiatives that will enhance and sharpen their overall mental and physical levels.

Bridging the Digital Divide among children in low-income communities

  • Due to the COVID 19 lockdown situation in our country, millions of children have been facing challenges in learning continuity due to lack of digital learning devices. This has been particularly difficult for children belonging to economically backward communities. 360 ONE Asset and United Way of Chennai aim to bridge this divide in Tamil Nadu by providing digital devices embedded with free, interactive and engaging content to help students continue learning and thereby also increase their learning levels.

Supporting low-income households with children for better learning outcomes

  • 360 ONE Asset in association with Saajha envisions to increase parental engagement in their children’s education by making information and resources accessible to parents which are essential to support children at home. Further, the project aims to support parents through resolution of queries related to their children’s learning and growth. The primary beneficiaries of the interventions are children who attend Government schools in Delhi.

Project Disha

  • Project Disha addresses the issue of the absence of a standardized and relevant curriculum for children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Via Project Disha, 360 ONE Asset along with Jai Vakeel Foundation aims to build and disseminate a multisensory curriculum to schools for children with IDD and provide training for the implementation of the curriculum.

V-Excel Educational Trust

  • V-Excel offers lifespan services to children and young adults with developmental disabilities such as autism, intellectual disabilities, attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorders, dyslexia and the like. The goal of their interventions is education and empowerment of special individuals.

India Young Leadership Development Program

  • The project focuses on influencing the prevalent education system in India, by empowering children/youths and teachers/principals of schools to lead a culture of responsible and sensitive citizenry. We are supporting OASIS A Selfless International Society in this endeavour.